ZAECHKI has built excellent an reputation for implementing various projects from different scale. Our clients continue to choose our services becuase of the high professionalism and compentece of our team.

We specialise in the delivery of civil engineering contracts within the following sectors: 


  • Design and build of water supply and sewage systems
  • Design and build of optical telecommunication systems 
  • Construction of primary and secondary roads

Residential, Retail and Commercial 

  • Construction of residential and office buildings
  • Construction of industrial buildings 
  • Construction of specialized facilities 
  • Outside and inside commercial markets 

Refurbishment of residential and industrial buildings 

  • Raising energy efficiency of residential buildings 
  • Modernization of industrial buildings, in accordance with the quality requirements of the EuroCodes, safety work conditions and sustainable work

Sustainable engineering 

  • Photo-voltaic systems 
  • Drainage constructions 
  • Landfills
  • Retaining walls 
  • Recultivation of lands